Since 2005, we’ve loved life on Bear Street. One block over from Banff Ave, Bear has always been a hub for local shops and restaurants, plus the essential services that keep our community thriving.

Now, the locals’ street is taking on a new life as a pedestrian friendly shared space. Stroll down the brand new Bear on a summer evening and you’ll find friends relaxing around the fire pit, families enjoying a meal on restaurant patios and passers-by drawn in by the atmosphere. For visitors from out of town, the new breezeway into Bison Courtyard from Lynx street makes for an easy walk from the Banff Train Station parking lot into the heart of the action. Cyclists are also loving the wide open spaces and bike parking options on Bear Street; if you’d like to join them, bike rentals are available right here in the courtyard.

Whether you’re grabbing a coffee to start your day, doing some shopping or catching a movie, the new-look Bear Street is the place to be. As communities around the world invest in urban regeneration, active transit and low traffic neighbourhoods, Bear Street is giving us a glimpse into the future here in the heart of Canada’s oldest national park.

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