There’s so much to think about when you set out to turn your business idea into a reality. For retail businesses, finding the right shop for rent is key to your success. The town of Banff, in the heart of Canada’s first national park, is an excellent place for businesses to connect with a wide range of customers. Here are four things we think are important to consider when leasing a commercial space:


You want to be in a bustling location where the right customers can discover your business. For active lifestyle and wellness brands, the town of Banff offers a perfect opportunity to be discovered by shoppers aligned with your values. With over 4 million annual visitors seeking outdoor experiences and rejuvenation in the mountains, and reach into both domestic and international markets, Banff could be the global stage your brand has been looking for.


Finding the right shop for rent is a big part of the challenge but staffing it with the right people is essential to deliver a great shopping experience and boost your sales. Ski towns like Banff attract a young, enthusiastic work force from around the world, providing a strong pool of employees as well as some of your best customers.


In 2020, bricks and mortar retail is all about delivering a quality onsite experience. When you’re looking for a shop to rent, size is less important than the wow factor. At the Bison Courtyard, big windows, mountain views and onsite amenities make our commercial spaces stand out from the crowd. We’re ideally situated downtown on Bear Street, soon to be Banff’s first ‘shared use’ street where the majority of outdoor space is given over to pedestrians, seating and dining areas.


Independent businesses thrive when they support each other and connect with the community around them. Banff is home to a passionate, diverse community of residents who believe in shopping, eating and drinking local and supporting small businesses in their hometown. At Bison Courtyard, we’ve curated a mix of shops, dining and services that complement rather than compete with each other. We host regular community events, from live musical performances to our annual Earth Day celebration, bringing our commercial tenants and the local community together.

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